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My name is Lena and together with my husband Mikael we're planning breeding of Staffordshire Bullterrier. We have five Staffies that we've imported from the U.K.
The male is called Blue and the female is called Diamond. We also have three puppys that we're gonna use further ahead in our breeding. We live in a house with a big garden with forests all around us, so we do a lot of outdoor activities. We go for walks every day, bicyclerides and sometimes also pulling a light trailer.
I spend all my time with my dogs.


Latest News!
Diamonds puppys have arrived! Three wonderful blues. The Blue Legend is the sire. The inbreeding between them is 0.00%.
Read more about the puppys on the puppys page.


About the female Diamond:

Name: Diamond Vine
Reg. nr SKK: SE21263/2013
Born: 2012-08-31
Showmerits: 1 CK.
2013-07-06 in Gränna-Swedish Staffordshire speciality Show in juniorclass "Excellent".
2013-11-03 Växjö International
also "Juniorclass" 2:a plac with CK, and 3:e place in Competitionclass
2012-12-07 Sthockholm International dog show. 3:e place in "youngsterclass".

DNA Tested:

L-2HGA Hereditarily Clear
HC-HSF4 Hereditarily Clear
vaccinated according to schedual.
2014-04-02 Eyescreened/patella checked without any remarks.

2014-04-05 MH tested-mentally tested.

HD/AD 2014-04-30. Hip and Elbow X-rayed.-The status is not yet official-explanation why further down. You'll find the picture there as well. A new hip X-ray will be taken this autumn.
Hight: 38 cm
weight: 16 kg
Colour: Dark blue with a small white mark on her chest "Like a Diamond".

Offsprings: G-litter, 2 bitches and 1 male.

Click the image below, a new window opens, zoom by using ctrl+/-.


Diamond is a calm and and nice female. She loves beeing outdoors walking, running beside the bike and pulling a light, small trailer. What she loves the most is running free without the leash, that makes her uncredibly happy. It's the funniest thing she knows. I've been training her with the clicker since may 2013 and she loves that also. The showtraing she also finds incredibly fun. I have also started training her for rally obedience. she knows several of the elements, my goal is to compete in the future. When we collected the latest puppys that we're gonna use in our breeding I had better use for her I found to take care of them and play, cause she loves playing! Now is now and the future is always there! She's a really cosy girl. Love our TV-time in the evening and lie and cuddle on the couch. Ideally, she wants to sleep in bed, but she may only do occasionally. I usually never have any of my puppies in the bed, but now that they are old enough when they now understand that they are invited. It's even more fun and enjoyable for oneself when it is special. Diamond is the one who says to the other dogs when they are playing too tough. She wants it to be peace and quiet. She does not like when they shoal too much. When it's her playtime it's a loud and very excited and playful girl who likes me to pulling and draging her around with something she's holding in her mouth. She loves me throughing ball. It was really fun to see the MH-test the stuff that were positive and negative, because I learned a lot about myself and how to raise my dogs in the future. I got it's really thrown in my face that I have to leave my dogs alone more often and to get them to become more independent. Diamond was such a mother pig! Next puppies that I get, I get to train in a different way. She's got a very good apetite and eat her food quickly. She's also a candy pig and it makes the training easy. She is so attentive. Previously, we often said that she managed to bite the finger when she would take the little piece of candy, but she has become very much cautious. Best of all, she showed what an amazing wonderful bitch she is when we brought home Kayla, Blaze, Joy, Shoot and Nic from England. We came home with five puppies and she seemed to think she was their mother. She busied, nurtured them and wanted to be with them all the time. It was no problem to share all the toys and to sleep with them is a must. They may unfortunately do too much for her to bite her in the face and ears. In the beginning they were quite brutal, but she has taken away most of their joy biting. The puppies are a bit funny, because they start by licking her around the mouth and all over his face and then take a few bites. Did it hurt her or been to hard, so tells them it's too hard. It felt like quite obvious that she was ready for having her own puppies. She will become such a good mother.


MH-test Diamond 2014-04-05 at Tranås Dog Club

mr Blue

MH resultat

Our understanding of how the MH-test was compared to how she is at home:
First, we meet with the judge and it went well to greet him, she went with him on the leash, until she realized that were's my mom she didn't come along...Diamond stopped and turned her head around..It was like she said " I don't go anywere without my mom". At home she is so happy with all the people who come to visit us. The same when we meet people on walks. She was not quite as happy with him. I thought she would be delighted to play with us, but a little bit the same thing there too she would rather play with me-mother pig. Then we went up to the track where we check hunting interest. Because she is so mommeyis she checked on me both times when the cloth went away forward, so she did not see it. She didn't look around. She was waiting and looking into my eyes for a command what to do. I think she has a strong interest in hunting at home. Then we would stand passive and she ate grass all the time. Then it was the helper who went in a coat that would entice her to play and certainly looked interesting, but she had probably decided that he was not as funny as the examination of the rest of the forest and grass field. Then we came to the overall. It seemed to her, nor was so especially interesting when there were lots of other odors to look for throughout the forest. She came up to the overall when I called for her, but it was not because she was afraid of it she didn't come on her own. Then it was time for the loud and terrible noise, the same thing there she reacted slightly, but continued the path forward and examined the trail and surrounding area. When I called her the first time she came over and jumped up on the box were the noise came from. Fastidious lady and does not go to anything. At the ghosts she barked and went behind me and the audience and chewed grass. She did the same thing when I called her she came up and smelled the ghosts and she was overjoyed when she realized that they were humans under the ghost costumes. We finished with the shot and I thought it went pretty well. At home she is not the one that responds specifically to audio. Fireworks she reacts not at home either. She lays in her basket and is totally unaffected. In conclusion, we can say that we had a fun and enjoyable day with great weather and lots of exciting things happening.

Movie from the MH-test:
Is coming later on...



Picture from the Hip X-ray:

HD/AD 2014-04-30. The Swedish Kennel Club sent me a letter that the knees weren't folded in properly in the hip X-ray image and that we would have to do a new x-ray. Both me and the vet thought that the hips looked OK. I took a pictures of the image with my phone, but we held ithe picture in the air so it's taken a bit from the side. We couldn't lay the image down since it wasn't completely dry. You'll find the picture to the right. Maybe a bit stupid of me to trust both myself and the veterinarian and to breed her before the results come. I bred her the last two days of her season and it had much to do with that I was so impressed by her mother instincts with the puppies we imported, that I finally called and checked if the vet had time to do x-rays on a holiday evening. I did not believe that the plate would be failed, but there is not a day that passes by without learning something new. We will do a new X-ray in the fall when she picked up after the puppies. There is no need to x-ray a pregnant bitch to get a result registered. She has no hip problems and HD-X-ray is a matter of assessment of all parties involved, not to be compared with a DNA test. I myself could not chew food more than two weeks after I held her doing the ​​x-rays. The x-rays beams sparked something haunting in my teeths, so every time I tried to chew, one cheek swelled up. Before I realized that this was due to X-ray ... gosh, when I had both read, called the medical center and dentist. The information I finally found online. The dentist and the health center had lots of diagnoses. After over two weeks of drinking soup and the great luck with 6kg less fat, I could chew again. Next time I'll wear the protection suit over my head instead of the body, if the vet can take a good picture without laughing his as off!

mr Blue mr Blue mr Blue mr Blue mr Blue mr Blue mr Blue mr Blue mr Blue mr Blue mr Blue mr Blue mr Blue

The parents:
They are registred in
The UK Kennel Club.

Sire: The Blue Boy
Dam: Midnight Sapphire Blue


We ourselves have picked up and imported and met the parents. They was very nice and friendly dogs. Diamonds father is a really muscled dog wich the pictures doesn't give him justice. Diamond is also more muscled in reality than the pics show.



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