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Welcome to
Kennel Agazzis and
Blue Legend Staffs

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My name is Lena and I'm a breeder of Staffordshire Bullterriers. I have several Staffies that I've imported from the U.K.
I live in a house with a big garden with the forest all around us, so I do a lot of outdoor activities. I go for walks every day, bicycle rides and sometimes also pulling a light trailer.
I spend all my time with my dogs.


Latest News!

We have a long list of familys that are interested in our blue puppys. The one's that have been here to visit us have been able to book a puppy from the next upcoming litter or the following.

In april 2014 I imported wonderful puppys from fine English lines. Here are some pictures of them and more info is on their own pages to the left.

The puppys are awsome and were now socialising them with Mr Blue, Diamond and all our other dogs and friends dogs. It's working out fine at the beginning it was always under supervision, but everything is going so smoothly that there's no trouble leaving them to play on their own. They are allowed to play with all the toys and they are having so much fun. We've got the best summer in years, so they spend most of the days outside. It's strange though that they haven't gotten any ticks, which is always common. Diamond and Blue have had a few only. But I've kept the lawn really short. Fortunatly we live in an area were it's not supposed to be any dangerous ones. Here everything is going in full speed all days. They take their naps together aswell and everything is so cosy. The latest days it's been really hot and the pupps been taking baths in a baby pool. They've discovered it's a perfect way to cool off.

Dog Shows

The show plans aren't set for spring 2015 yet.

Feel free to send me an email!





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